Tbd Construction is not about constructing a temporary work station, but the expression of a bold and individual vision in an industrial space. We wish to create a modern space for creative work.
In implementing this project, Tbd Construction was challenged to create an impressive and unique space from corrugated metal sheets. Not only overcoming the industrial feel and chaos this material creates, but also in creating a unique aesthetic that matches the individuality of the company.
Tbd Construction's expertise in working with construction materials and techniques was used to refine the original concept. We worked with engineers and designers to ensure that the concept was properly executed. The application of metal processing techniques and innovative architectural solutions has helped create a unique space, expressing its special and mysterious character. Tbd Construction used corrugated metal materials to create a strong industrial space. We have also applied metal processing techniques to create optimal aesthetics. The combination of dark and company-specific tones has made Tbd's work station special and more interesting to see from a distance.
This project not only brings aesthetic and functional value to the company, but also contributes to changing the surrounding space. By creating an interesting and impressive space, Tbd Construction has contributed to renewing and enriching the community. We have shown the important role of built space in creating a positive living and working environment.




Ho Chi Minh City




Tbd Construction