Professional construction contractor, providing quality construction services with a commitment to reliability, expertise & optimized performance.

Construction services for various types of construction and architectural design.

Commercial Building Construction

We provide construction services for commercial buildings such as offices, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, hotels and more. We have the ability to manage big-scale constructions, and meet the unique requirements of each.

Repair and Maintenance

We provide repair and maintenance services for existing commercial structures. We will ensure that all repairs and maintenance work will be carried out professionally and promptly.

Project Management

We manage constructions, helping to ensure that every phase of a project proceeds smoothly, from planning to construction and completion.

Construction Consulting Service

We provide professional construction consulting services to help you plan, design and manage your construction project. We have a team of experts with vast knowledge and experience in this field.

Quality Assurance

We commit to ensuring project quality and using the best materials and construction techniques. We put our customers first and ensure that every project is completed with dedication and professionalism.

Interior design for unique spaces, making the most of space and light to create the perfect living and working space.

Consulting and Design

We have a team of professional architects and designers ready to listen to your opinions and advise on the decoration and design of interior space. Then, we propose creative ideas and designs according to your style and preferences.

Planning and Budget Allocation

We will help you determine the budget for your project and create a plan based on your specific requirements. We are committed to providing design solutions that fit your budget.

Materials Selection and Furniture

We will assist you in choosing construction and interior materials that suit your design style and goals. Tbd Construction always prioritizes using high quality materials to ensure durability and beauty.

Building and Decorating

Once we have the final design, we will proceed to build and decorate your interior space. We always comply with the schedule and ensure the project is carried out with the highest quality.

Checkup and Handover

We will conduct a technical inspection and ensure that every detail is properly completed. Then, we hand over the project to you and ensure you are satisfied with the final result.

Warranty Service

We are committed to supporting you after the project is completed. If you have any problems or need repairs in the future, we're here to help.

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Tin Pham

Vice Director

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Vice Director

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Vice Director

We are a team of architects, designers, and engineers that have years of experi­ence and a wide range of expertise in construction and interiors design.

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Finance Manager

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Department Manager

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Project Manager

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Project Manager