Anantara Hoi An Resort is not simply a resort in the ancient city of Hoi An, Quang Nam, but also a symbol of the delicate combination of nature and class. The initial vision and inspiration for this project motivated Tbd Construction to set out to provide visitors with an authentic experience of a living and resting environment.
Anantara Hoi An Resort is the image of a coastal resort paradise with green and quiet space. Our client wanted to create a space that not only takes care of the body's health, but also heals the soul. The challenge arose from having to create a harmonious connection between Hoi An's classic architecture and modern design, meeting the goal of creating a relaxing resting space.
Tbd Construction has skillfully reconciled classic and modern elements in the design of Anantara Hoi An Resort. We coordinated with engineers, designers and customers to realize the concept in a harmonious way. By applying expertise in architecture and construction, Tbd Construction has helped create a space that blends with nature, while providing modern amenities for visitors.




Quang Nam Province


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