Jio Health

Jio Health Extension is the second expansion project in Saigon, implemented by Tbd Construction. The project aims to create a modern and classy healthcare space. From the client's perspective, we have been inspired to create a friendly, relaxing and peaceful environment that provides a holistic care experience for patients.
The combination of innovative design elements with medical hygiene and safety requirements helped the development of unique design concepts. Tbd has combined solid technical knowledge with creative thinking to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also efficient.
Tbd Construction has carried out each detailed step in the construction process. We built a solid base right when receiving the initial design. Collaboration with engineers, designers and customers has helped solidify unique ideas, from creating optimal clinics for care, to creating relaxing waiting spaces based on inspiration from nature.
We used environmentally friendly materials and meet high medical hygiene standards. This material not only ensures aesthetics but also creates sustainability for the building. It was hard integrating medical safety factors to solving construction problems. But through their expertise and problem-solving skills, we overcame all difficulties and successfully completed the project.




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